Since 2011, we've been committed to addressing issues rooted in poverty in Southeast Asia and beyond.


Our Mission

1. To address public health issues preemptively in villages throughout Southeast Asia and beyond

2. To promote education throughout rural communities in Southeast Asia and beyond

3. When possible, to combine goals 1 and 2 so as to create the most high-impact interventions for beneficiaries possible

4. To encourage sustainable development and lasting, fruitful relationships between stakeholders

5. To focus efforts on interventions in neglected areas and with vulnerable populations, and to adhere to the principles of effective altruism


What We've Done

  • Education initiatives in hill tribe villages along the Thailand-Burma border
  • Construction projects to address homelessness in rural Thailand
  • Public health initiatives prior to rainy seasons in Laos 
  • Medical assistance in rural NortheastThailand
  • Sanitation projects and education courses in rural Laos and Thailand
  • Food aid in rural Senegal